Better Hotel Wi-Fi for Higher Guest Satisfaction

Wi-Fi is the number one amenity!

To many guests, it is more important than anything else. Today’s guests, travel with smart phones, tablet, laptops as well as wearables. Your wireless network must be capable of providing the bandwidth they demand.

Did you know that 65% of hotel guests login to the WiFi network within 7 minutes of arriving?* Their quest for satisfaction begins as soon as they walk into their room. Well, not only will a great WiFi network help keep your guests satisfied during their stay, but it increases staff efficiency, lowers costs, and generates a positive view of your hotel’s other amenities.

Here are some other ways great WiFi can benefit you…

  • Ensure Brand Compliance
  • Integrate Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Increase Conferencing Business
  • Custom Software & PMS Integration
  • Staff & Resource Tracking
  • Enhance Guest & Staff Security
  • Collect Guest Data and Analytics

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