If you’re shopping for a new point of sale (POS) system, make us your first and last stop. Our POS systems deliver a true omni-channel platform that connects your in-store, restaurant, warehouse, mobile, and e-commerce presence. We even simplify adding an integrated e-commerce platform, allowing your business to sell items online and in-store easily.

Our bundled solutions include payment transaction options and offer easy to use mobile and tablet point of sale systems. With our POS systems, you can accept cash or credit and manage key details of your business.

Our systems are simple and its intuitive interface allows you to set up quickly. With just a few taps you can take orders, accept payments and manage your inventory.

Easy Sign up – Bundled payment processing makes sign up a breeze and our quick setup means you’ll be open and ready for business in no time.

In the Cloud – Cloud-based software eliminates the need for local backups and allows you to manage and track sales, inventory and employees from anywhere; even on the go.


Easily find thousands of items by Organizing them in categories. Get Granular and display items by size and Color in your inventory system.


Manage your employee schdules, hours Worked and payroll on a singular platform. Save costs with labor forecasts and always Be in the loop on what’s happening with Employee clock ins and outs.


Maintain a complet picture of your cash Flow with revel’s comprehensive Permission settings and reporting Capabilities.


Save time with report that explain your Business progress and projection to you. Access valuable data in real-time to make Informed decisions for your business.


Discover who comes into your business And access their purchase histories. Get More repeat customers by knowing what Their favorites items and preferences are.


Keep business up and running during an Internet slow-down or power outage. Never lose a sale by continuing to process Payment even when the internet goes Out.

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