Voice and Data Cabling

As technology advances, so should your business. Your voice and data cables are essential to the communication infrastructure of your company, and a structured cabling system is vital for both internal and external communication. At First Quality Tech, we have many because we know that every year will bring new opportunities for your business, we design a network cabling system that has the capacity to adapt to future technology.
As your business evolves, so should your low voltage cabling system. Here at First Quality Tech, our goal is to design and build a system that allows you to expand and grow.  We have years of experience working with businesses to improve network cabling infrastructures and ensure that they keep up with current technology.

It is critically important that your voice and data cabling infrastructure update and install is planned and coordinated to the tiniest detail. Whether you are simply moving a few workstations or ethernet cables, or building an entirely new network cabling infrastructure, we’ll work with every member of your team to ensure that your current cabling system meets your needs for:


Voice and data cabling

As technology advances, so should your business. Your voice and Data cables are essential to tha communication infrastureof Your company, and structured cabling system is vital for both Internal and external communication.

Data Center Solutions

Where the data center is considered the “brains” of yourbusiness, The effort put into designing it must be through, and the building Process should be well thought out and carefully prepared.

Wireless network

Network cabling designs and installs fast, and reliable Wireless system for individual office, office clusters, individual Buildings, and widespread campuses. When wireless repairs or Upgrades are required.

Security System Installation

Network Cabling designs, installs, configures, and repairs closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system for businesses and home of all sizes. Our technicians work with you to determine the video-camere Security solution that best meet your need.

Audio/Visual Systems

Video and crisp sound are key tools for conveying information at Meetings. But you want to generate the image and the audio Without the trouble of setting up gear and running cord and wires Over tables and across the floor.

Testing Services

Through and accurate of new or existing cable network Ensures that voice and data system function as planned. Hence, Cable testing is a standard procedure for all network cabling Projects.

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