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Wifi Services

We provide the Wi-Fi that makes your guests happier, with the best technology,
simple yet elegant Wi-Fi designs, and unmatched service and support.

Network Management

We have proven experience in transforming enterprises from legacy to next-generation digital networks without business interruptions. We deliver an industry-leading set of agile network solutions that can support a variety of workloads.


When it is time to upgrade your servers or add applications, consider a virtual server: a single managed server running multiple operating systems. Multiple servers and applications can be run on a single computer using virtualization. Virtualization will cut costs, reduce downtime, and simplify IT management.

E-Mail Security and Hosting

Our e-mail security services block 99 percent of spam and viruses, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe, which gives you total peace of mind. We offer Microsoft Exchange cloud hosted or on premise Enterprise-grade business email, calendar, and other Microsoft Applications with multiple deployment options.

IT Security

We offer multiple layers of security.  Businesses today rely on communications with the outside world. This includes email, Internet and social networking to name a few. It is imperative to allow these communications but also maintain visibility of what is happening on the network, making sure the entire network is free from prying eyes and malicious software. We put you in control as the gatekeeper, keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Data Center

Our cabling technicians can quickly and affordably cable your new offices, network multiple locations, or simply add a single network drop to your existing infrastructure. We are experienced in both Local and Wide Area Network and Telecommunications cabling installation and service, and have the expertise to support all of your cabling needs.

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ABOUT USIT that works for you

First Quality Tech is a complete technology solution provider. We specialize in Hospitality IT Management and Wi-Fi Services. We offer variety IT services from computer networking and network security services to Data Center Cabling, Telecommunications and Surveillance Services. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

For over 20 years, we have been proudly supporting businesses from small start-ups to larger, established companies in many fields such as: Healthcare, Engineering, Legal, Construction, Finance, Retail, HVAC Plumbing, Banking, Hospitality, Government, and….

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